1. Crusher and digital Magenta
  2. Scorpion Balls
  3. Love is like a Tiger on a chain
  4. Seriously
  5. Lust like a Jaguar on a leash
  6. Las Vegas; Flipside; Flamingo; Tiger; Disco Ball
  7. Fj40; Landcruiser; Juggle
  8. Maraca; Saguro; Casa; Moon; Illustrator
Services C.Kolle
  1. Places
    Christiana has lived across the Western United States having a number of artworks in Various areas along with an attendance of shows.
  2. Artwork
    The artworks contained are full Copyright © of Christian J. Kolle, This Gallery spans from the mid Nineteen Eighties to present day. There is a variety of artworks and styles with the most popular Kata in large array of medium.
  3. History
    There is a lot to say about the experiences of Christian Kolle, from being a semi respected individual to some hands events which may be discussed within the blog.
  4. Associates
    Christiana has known many an artist and hopes to share as many of the artists Compatriots work. I hope you enjoy and if you find a link disabled or wish not to be in the list please feel free to contact.
  5. Storyboards
    so there is a bit of a story behind the Characters Chris puts heart and soul into please feel free to observe this massive archive and if you have any further questions please feel free to inquire.
  6. Press Release
    Christiana Hopes to keep you in the know, lets see what that brings, waking from Hibernation commencing soon.
the Artist
  1. Sexy, Hippy, Spiritual, Style, Goofball
    Chris in Taos 2009
  2. Artist; Kolle; Christian;
    Smug 2010
  3. Starbucks; Artist; Henderson; Nevada
    Lead love 2015
  4. RedRoom; Artist; Kolle; LasVegas;
    Chrome Dragonfly 2015
  5. Kodiak walk 2010
    Kodiak walk 2010
  6. Computer Selfie
    Computer Selfie
  7. Taos Eagle 2009
    Taos Eagle 2009
  8. Vegas Selfie 2017
    Vegas Selfie 2017
About Why
From our origins in The Midwest to the history of being a bit of a gypsy, nomad, barbarian, wanderer baddest artist you have met. Christiana cruises through the galaxy on foot and by mind, an avid love for the Toyota Land cruiser and peoples in general when not in a manic state. hoping you will find the work endearing and gracing your walls is an option.
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