Sketch Gallery

  1. Managing Director
    Ride isometric
    the line drawing was so much fun I had to place a Kata within.
  2. Managing Director
    Crush line drawn
    sometimes its as simple as a contour line so much character.
  3. Managing Director
    She points at what we will have to find out.
  4. Managing Director
    Screw Tower.
    Ever wonder where the lair of a budgie comes from? maybe this is just a leftover drywall screw randomly placed on the horizon.
  5. Managing Director
    Elephant onion
    This was a sketch exemplifying the need for a waking giant.
  6. Managing Director
    Ill have to figure out if I can copy these image texts somehow.
  7. Managing Director
    Now look at this
    Enta confronts her first crusher head on she can take it.
  8. Managing Director
    Sketches of Zebra
    I had this rad layout happening, pushing myself a bit hard I had to set these tertiary characters aside for a minute
  9. Managing Director
    Zebra Sketch
    Mostly a nuisance who stop one problem though aggravate another.
  10. Managing Director
    Hey look at me
    yeah I got that swing as I am about to jump into this thing.
  11. Managing Director
    Le phant pushed
    Hes not as surprised as scared who ever she is she has pushed him a very high place.
  12. Managing Director
    Eye of the Cyclomaraii
    These being are a bit ago they don't like visitors and they definitely have their eye on you.
  13. Managing Director
    Spider Rider
    This character recently took some samples of the specimen, the character also is about to be a very different being I need to spend that time.
  Sketches for Story

My work is in the thousands of hours much of it will be hidden in obscurity.I hope the opportunity to see my work outshines my random photos.

This Story is composed of several characters with many years, of soul searching, lets wittle it down a little.
updated 11-20-17

Spider riders are pretty rugged walkers who maintain Mycellia a planet deep in the cosmos that is completely encased in a fungi.

Kata are two large feline feminine and a 3rd cat who guards the chamber of replacements.
Cyan is blue lost in a world wanted for decades no she just has to prove I existed.
Enta is magenta for a short while where she then splits into two very different cats Blank and Rouge.
Le Cruis is a four legged ride who is based on my material Kodiak experiences, genuinely inspired by my 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser. Le crus has a particular fondness for Enta the magenta Kata.
Sultry 69 a stunning vehicle thought to be a myth by many, worth stripping at the zoo for a few months while waiting for the blip to repair.
Blip a handbuilt ship by Cyan from parts aboard a decayed space fortress.

Cyclomaraii are a wicked looking creature charged with maintaining universal constants they do this on a world composed of fluids.

Le phant, is a character I based from a sculpture I made in the mid 90's if photos survive I have not seen them in decades.
"No Bodies Business" a fresh off the line 2048 Mercury that Lephant snags from his Dads collection.

Strippers at the Zoo, well you know there are a number of places a good girl doesn't work yet how do you know that when you are technically new?
The Zoo, wow that was a place, it was in the center of outerspace, it was open for a while yet people tended to watch the animals mate, more than appreciate the plethora of beings the owner got wise and created the first intergalactic Strip club.
of course the owner is a sentient Orca.

Zebras striped Asses that have you running in all the right directions for the wrong reasons.

Lizard Gang, these brutes run amok taking anything that might fetch a hefty sum, oh they collect debts.

The Guardian she saves the day a dozen times before her reentry into the world.

Shiva Wasp, a neon thing sorta inorganic in its odd lightsaber like appenages.

Inorganic beings inhabit a section of future earth they have their good attributes yet they disdain organic beings.
The Flesheater, a badass inorganic being bent on destroying all organic beings that enter his territory.

Angels, because you have to have an overseer.